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Massage Etiquette: What to Know Before Heading to the Spa

Massages are beneficial for the mind, body, and soul. But if you’ve never had a professional session before, it can be a little intimidating. Understanding proper spa etiquette in advance can make you feel more comfortable and fully relaxed during your session. 

What are the rules for massage therapists when you fall asleep? What’s considered good massage etiquette in tipping?  What do you wear to a full body massage? We’re answering all of these embarrassing massage questions for you so you can enjoy your session to the fullest. 

What to Wear

Massage spa etiquette is very laid back when it comes to dress code. In most instances, you’ll remove all of your clothing for your massage. That means you can arrive in a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Your massage therapist will leave the room and ask you to remove your clothes to prepare for your treatment. You can leave your underwear on, or your therapist can provide a pair of disposable underwear. 

How to Approach a Silent Room

You may feel uncomfortable or awkward in a silent room with your therapist, but they are they to help you relax! Don’t feel forced to have a conversation. Instead, just let your therapist’s hands do the talking. In fact, you can plan on sleeping during your session! Your massage therapist will wake you up when it’s finished. 

Passing Gas During a Session

You may be embarrassed to pass gas during your massage session, but holding it in isn’t good for anyone. Neglecting to pass gas can make you feel uncomfortable and it can make it difficult for your therapist to provide a proper massage – you have to relax your muscles during a massage, not clench them. 

Of course, if your gas is out of control, excuse yourself to use the restroom. You can also reschedule your massage session if you’re feeling under the weather. 

Asking for More (or Less) Pressure

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You and your therapist will talk about your problem areas and pressure preferences before the massage starts, but you can interrupt in the middle of your session to make adjustments. Your therapist will likely go in with a gentle touch and apply more pressure as the session progresses, but you can make specific requests to ensure your comfort. 

Tipping Your Massage Therapist

When it’s time to wrap up your massage and pay, proper etiquette is to also tip your therapist. Just like you would tip your hair dresser or waiter, you should leave your massage therapist at least a 20 percent tip for good service. 

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  1. When you mentioned that you and your therapist would discuss your problem areas and preferred levels of pressure before the massage began, but that you could stop mid-session to adjust, I thought that was interesting. You can make specific requests to ensure your comfort. Your therapist will probably start with a light touch and gradually increase pressure. This will be beneficial to my sister, who is thinking about relaxing tomorrow at a spa after a demanding work week. I’ll be sure to share this information with her so she can enjoy her spa visit.

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