Massage Therapy Staff

Nicole - Manager and Licensed Massage Therapist

Highly dedicated and client-driven, Nicole Doherty is a spearheading massage therapist whose underlying mission is to not only meet expectations, but exceed them every time. As a passionate Clearwater massage professional, Nicole has extensive expertise involving trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue practices, and Swedish massages and enjoys every moment in delivering her clients the unapparelled,

Andrea -Licensed Massage Therapist

Developing her services on a foundation of transparency, quality, and trust, Andrea is a leading Clearwater massage therapist at Reflections Therapeutic who enjoys using her fundamental expertise and passion to give every client a second to none experience. Whether it be a prenatal massage, trigger point deep tissue massages (her specialty), or a custom relaxing session, you can have the peace of mind that Andrea’s rooted professional background

Jerrica - Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Jerrica and I entered the massage world in 2011, working the front desk of a busy massage business. During this time, I got to experience massage therapy for regular body maintenance and for chronic pain after a major vehicle accident. After years of receiving the benefits of massage therapy, I went to school at Sun State Academy in 2016, so I could help others experience these benefits. 

James - Licensed Massage Therapist

Originally from Olympia, Washington. James traveled to California to learn massage, attending Santa Barbara Bodyworks. His specialized therapeutic work is a blend of techniques like deep tissue, myofacial, and neuromuscular together to achieve the best relief for those in his care. Believing and placing importance on qualities like listening, patience, and integrity is what makes his work successful. James loves to help people live a better life, no matter who you are. Outside of his work, he finds enjoyment from wearing alpaca sweaters, barbeque, and reading.

Roselee - Licensed Massage Therapist

Graduated from Blue Cliff College in Mobile, AL,  National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certified, AL state board licensed since 2008, FL state board licensed in 2022. Continued education from renowned teachers and mentors across the U.S. has included training in techniques like lymphatic massage and pediatric massage, energy work like Reiki, and guided meditation. Roselee also developed her own techniques like Swedish massage with an emphasis on myofascial release, deep tissue with hot stone therapy and therapeutic spa. Recently moved to Pinellas county, Roselee is thrilled to find such an embracing of holistic health care in the area, and excited to be a part of the team and the journey.

Ellen - Licensed Massage Therapist

I am a sports therapist with a background in hospital care. Went to University of Alaska for Biomedical Sciences and have worked with collegiate athletes around the US. I specialize in trigger point and deep tissue work in hopes to improve your daily function. In my free time, I train competitively in power lifting, therefore understanding body mechanics and hormonal balances are an everyday necessity.

Layla - Licensed Massage Therapist

Layla, Has been licensed since 1998. She is very passionate and intentional about seeing her clients Heal. Layla has been trained in many modalties. She customizes her massages to fit the client’s wants and needs. Layla uses a variety of techniques to ensure a maximum effect on the “whole body” including: cupping, hot stones, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and intuition.

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