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Perform Your Best with A Sports Massage

Sports massage is a great option for anyone who needs to improve their recovery or performance after intense physical exercise. It may also help with flexibility and relaxation while reducing your risk of injury. Schedule your appointment today!

Sports Massage in Clearwater

At Reflections Therapeutic Massage, we understand the importance of massage to help stimulate recovery and heal from injuries. If you are an athlete or a frequent gym-goer looking to help you perform your best, look no further than our licensed and trained massage therapists. Whether you need help with stiff, painful, or injured muscles and connective tissue or you just want to improve your performance and reduce the risk of future injury, we are here to help! 

What is sports massage?

A type of massage that is geared toward lessening the negative impacts of strenuous exercise on your muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues. A sports massage therapist needs to have a deep understanding of these body parts and how they can benefit from massage therapy. A good session will always consider your unique needs as an athlete.

How can sports massage benefit me and how does it work?

Sports massage is intended for athletes and others with physically-demanding lifestyles. You may have strain or injury from repetitive use, or you may have soreness and stiffness that makes it difficult to recover in between workouts. You might need to improve flexibility or boost your performance. Additionally, massage can help with muscle tension, anxiety, and aches/pains. All these things are great reasons to get a massage!

Sports massage works by increasing blood flow to your muscles and connective tissues, breaking up areas of scar tissue, and promoting healing within your body. Since a massage is calming, it can also help you mentally. 

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What is the process like?

Every session will be different depending on your specific needs for supporting or enhancing your athletic performance. It may focus primarily on helping you heal and recover your aching or injured muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, or soft tissue. Or, it may be more focused toward improving flexibility, reducing the risk of future injury, or supporting relaxation after intense physical activity. 

Generally, you will lie on your back or your stomach on the massage table as your massage therapist works on your main muscle groups. Techniques from deep tissue massage along with gentler soothing strokes. Generally, a session will last for either 60 or 90 minutes. 

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