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What to Expect at a Couples Massage

Whether you and your partner are in serious need of a relaxing night or you’re looking for a simple option to spice things up, a couples massage is a thrilling way to spend time together. Getting a massage on your own can be therapeutic, but sharing the experience with another person can be even more rewarding.

While couples massage can be a great opportunity for connection and leisure, it can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before! Are you nervous about couples massage? Not sure what to wear to a couples massage? Still confused about exactly why you should get a couples massage? All of these details and more are covered below:

Young couple getting a couples massage

What is a Couples Massage?

A couples massage is when two people join each other for a massage session in the same room. Each person is on an individual massage table and gets their treatment done by one massage therapist.

While the name infers that you would typically bring a spouse or a significant other, couples massages are not exclusive to lovers! This means that you can schedule a session with your mother, sister, best friend, or other close friend.

Since the couples massage involves a back rub, you’ll likely strip down to your underwear for the session. That means that for this date night event, you don’t have to worry about wearing anything fancy!

Why Get a Couples Massage?

A couples massage comes with many benefits. Here are some of the reasons we recommend getting a couples massage:

  • For reconnection. A couples massages opens up the door to be vulnerable and enjoy the simple pleasures of life, which can ultimately be a great way to reconnect with a lover, friend, or family member!
  • For reduced stress and anxiety. Massage is all about putting the body at ease, releasing the muscles of tension that carry with you throughout the day. A couples massage is no different, you just get to enjoy it with someone special!
  • For fun! It’s easy to plan a night out with your spouse or a friend that involves going to dinner, grabbing a drink or watching a movie. A couples massage lets you decompress from the real world and enjoy the ultimate relaxation.

Should You Interact During a Couples Massage?

You can hold hands with your lover or talk to your best friend throughout your couples massage, but we suggest keeping it quiet to relax to the fullest extent. Silence can make your massage most effective, enabling you to lie down and feel at ease from the moment the session begins until it ends.

What do Expect at a Couples Massage in Clearwater

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With a hand from our seasoned professional massage therapists, you’ll get the personalized, undivided attention you need to destress and enjoy yourself. Book your couples massage today to experience it for yourself!

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