Medical Massage

Medical Massage Therapy

Our body is a map of our history, and sometimes life can be bumpy. Our medical massage program can help get you back on track by addressing your pain, posture changes, scar tissue or fascia restrictions. Each Medical massage therapy treatment is designed to suit the client’s needs at the time and the protocol for the injury or condition. Because there is a large spectrum of medical problems, feel free to ask us if we have experience in that area and what we can do to assist you in your management.

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3 Ways Medical Massage is Different From Spa Massage

It is outcome-based

A medical massage focuses on a medical need, as well as relieving stress and promoting relaxation. It is often used to manage pain, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and digestion, increase flexibility or treat other health care concerns.

It targets your needs through a variety of techniques

A medical massage can help manage pain, reduce inflammation and improve circulation and digestion. It can also increase flexibility or treat other health care concerns.

It includes specific follow-up recommendations

Medical massage increases flexibility and can treat other health concerns, such as pain, inflammation or digestive problems.

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Outstanding Reviews

Breyden Everitt
Breyden Everitt
I received a deep tissue massage that relieved pain in my back and shoulders. Andrea was very professional and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is experiencing daily discomfort.
Davin Clement
Davin Clement
Adam is a "must book"...listened to my shoulder related sports/shoulder injuries and subsequent lack of shoulder mobility(shoulder impingement). Adam focused in all the right places, had some interesting techniques specific to my issue, and a day later I was pain free at gym doing upper chest cable crossovers with full range!!!
Krista Brown
Krista Brown
I did a couples massage and was such a great experience. Very relaxing. Willie and Andrea were awesome. Definitely will do again.
Jennifer Dodge
Jennifer Dodge
We got a couples massage and it was very relaxing. Will definitely go back.
Andrea Cadlo
Andrea Cadlo
The best massage I've ever had.
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