Trigger Point Therapy

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Get relief from sore, tight, knotty muscles with a licensed and trained trigger point massage therapist at Reflections Therapeutic Massage. Schedule an appointment at our Clearwater location today and get ready lasting relief! 

Trigger Point Therapy in Clearwater

Are you looking for a licensed, experienced massage therapist who is highly familiar with trigger point techniques? At Reflections Therapeutic Massage, you can reap all the benefits of trigger point therapy with our skilled massage therapists. If you have painful knots in your back or neck, trigger point massage therapy is just what you need. It may help release tension to restore range of motion, relieve headaches, help with posture, and more! 

What is trigger point therapy?

Trigger point therapy is a massage therapy technique that is specifically intended to treat knots. Knots are sensitive areas that often feel tense or hard to the touch. Oftentimes, they cause referred pain and the surrounding muscle may twitch when you press on a knot. If you have had muscle knots, you know that they can be painful and get in the way of your normal range of motion. 

Trigger point release or trigger point therapy focuses mainly on the fascia, which is a sheath-like fibrous tissue that surrounds and protects the structures within your musculoskeletal system. The fascia is normally flexible, but stress or injury can cause the fascia to become stiff and tense, forming muscle knots or trigger points. This will naturally restrict movement of the connective tissues and cause pain, increased risk of injury, and reduced mobility.

A massage therapist who is trained in trigger point therapy can get to the bottom of this problem by applying the right amount and type of pressure to the knot until they feel the tension releasing. This is known as “deactivating trigger points.” 

How can trigger point therapy benefit me?

Trigger point therapy can benefit anyone with muscle knots in their back, shoulders, neck, or other parts of the body. By relieving that tension and pressure, your massage therapist can help your muscles and fascia relax and heal.

Benefits include restoring your full range of motion, reducing aches and pains within the muscle and surrounding tissue, and reducing the risk of further pain or damage. Some people also find that it helps with posture, headache relief, and more! 

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What is the process like?

Much like other types of massage therapy, trigger point therapy will start with a brief consultation with your massage therapist where you talk about your areas of pain and goals for the session. Then, you will lie on the massage table under a sheet while your massage therapist targets your trigger points using hand pressure. 

Outstanding Reviews

Breyden Everitt
Breyden Everitt
I received a deep tissue massage that relieved pain in my back and shoulders. Andrea was very professional and I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is experiencing daily discomfort.
Davin Clement
Davin Clement
Adam is a "must book"...listened to my shoulder related sports/shoulder injuries and subsequent lack of shoulder mobility(shoulder impingement). Adam focused in all the right places, had some interesting techniques specific to my issue, and a day later I was pain free at gym doing upper chest cable crossovers with full range!!!
Krista Brown
Krista Brown
I did a couples massage and was such a great experience. Very relaxing. Willie and Andrea were awesome. Definitely will do again.
Jennifer Dodge
Jennifer Dodge
We got a couples massage and it was very relaxing. Will definitely go back.
Andrea Cadlo
Andrea Cadlo
The best massage I've ever had.
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