The Reflections Difference

Massages Tailored to the Individual

Every body is different and every type of pain is different. Because of that, there isn’t one type of massage that will automatically provide relief for all types of pain. Our expert licensed massage therapists know how to tailor each session to the individual so you experience maximum relaxation and maximum relief.

Our professional massage therapists aren’t merely focused on helping you during your session. They want to see you experience wellness even after you leave the center, which is why we’ll help develop a plan to help you lead a more pain-free life. We’ll provide expert advice, self-care tips, and even a stretching routine you can do at home

Management That Cares

Nicole Doherty is the manager at Reflections Therapeutic Massage. There’s no one better at assessing and treating pain than Nicole! She’s devoted her whole life to helping others heal and has built a strong reputation for diligence and attentiveness in the massage field. She wants to get to the root of her clients’ pain and provide them with real answers so they can more effectively manage their pain even after they leave our center. 

For Nicole, it’s important that every client walks away from a session feeling like they have received special undivided attention. Knowing that her work has the ability to positively impact others only keeps her motivated to continue providing great massage experiences. No one is as enthusiastic about massage therapy as Nicole. Even if you’re someone who is convinced finding relief for your pain is impossible, Nicole can help you see the possibilities!

Massage Therapist Nicole

Nicole leads by example. Her passion for helping people and going the extra mile for every customer is infectious and it shows up in the dedication of every single staff member at Reflections Therapeutic Massage.

While massages feel great, our team knows that getting a professional massage for the first time can be a little intimidating. You might feel self-conscious or anxious not knowing what to expect. Any discomfort you feel with a masseuse or any staff member can become such a major distraction that it ruins your overall experience. The Reflections Therapeutic Massage team understands this. That’s why we go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable so you can have a completely relaxing experience. 

The Most Relaxing Experience in Every Way!

While having a skilled masseuse is essential to an effective massage, it isn’t the only thing that matters. We’ve carefully designed and decorated our facility so that the atmosphere is ideal for relaxation. You’ll feel like you’re on a luxurious retreat! The quality of our customer service is also exceptional. We are easy to reach, easy to talk to and provide thorough answers to all your questions. It’s this exceptional service and the quality of our massages that keep clients coming back time and time again. Each of our clients gets a full hour-long massage rather than the 50-minute massages that are often standard in franchise operations. That’s a full hour when you can escape the other stresses of your life and experience something soothing that’s just for you.  

Video Tour of Our Massage Center

Experience Real Pain Relief with Clearwater Massage Therapy

Our team gets results. It’s why we have over 240 Google reviews with an average of 4.9 stars out of 5. You can be confident you’re in good hands—literally.

If you want the most relaxing massage in the Clearwater area, there is truly no better place to go. You can book your online appointment today!

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