Introductory Massage $60

   Trying a new therapist can be stressful, make sure we’re the right fit with our low Introductory Deep Tissue or Relaxation Massage. 

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Therapeutic - Deep Tissue - Prenatal - Couples - Sports

 Specializing in chronic pain relief, increased flexibility, musculoskeletal soft tissue injury and of course relaxation! We are committed to providing a tranquil, comfortable, professional massage center where you can achieve the results you are looking for. 

We’ll assess your specific needs and use a variety of Massage Techniques (deep tissue, Swedish, sports, etc) to help address those needs. Schedule a massage today and let your healing begin. 


  • Neck Pain/Tension Headaches
  • Upper Back/Shoulder Pain (Computer Shoulder)
  • Shooting Pain/Numbness Down The Arm (Cervical Radiculopathy)
  • Lower Back/Hip Pain
  • Shooting Pain/Numbness Down the Leg (Lumbar Radiculopathy)
  • Pain Down the Side of the Thigh (IT Band Syndrome)
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Painful or Stiff Movement: Neck, Shoulder, Low-Back, and Hips

If You Are In Pain, You Deserve To See A Specialist. We are the pain-relief specialists! Contact us today to get started.


Our Most Popular Massages

Deep Tissue

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 One of the most well known massages, most of our clients are interested in deep tissue massage, and that makes sense because it is a great way to manage pain. $80/60 minutes and $110/90 minutes.

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Deep Blue Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Blue Deep Tissue Massage, Massage therapy

 This healing, deep tissue massage incorporates doTERRA Deep Blue Rub, certified grade pure, therapeutic essential oils, and is perfect for one who holds tension or pain in the body.   $90/60 minute and $120/90 minutes.

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 The goal of Swedish Massage is to melt away muscle tension and improves flexibility in the body. $70/60 minutes and $100/90 minutes.

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 Share the relaxation and melt away muscle tension, side by side with someone you care about with our couples massage. $160/60 minutes and $220/90 minutes per couple.

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 During pregnancy, your body goes through major structural and physiological changes, some of which produce discomforts and concerns that can be addressed with appropriate massage therapy. $70/60 minutes and $100/90 minutes.

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Mobile Massage

Mobile massage therapy

Mobile massage, where massage therapists travels to the your location. Experience the benefits of massage in the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. $90/60 minutes and $120/90 minutes

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