Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist Andrea in Clearwater Florida

Andrea -Licensed Massage Therapist

Developing her services on a foundation of transparency, quality, and trust, Andrea is a leading Clearwater massage therapist at Reflections Therapeutic who enjoys using her fundamental expertise and passion to give every client a second to none experience. Whether it be Lymphatic Drainage, prenatal massage, trigger point deep tissue massages (her specialty), or a custom relaxing session, you can have the peace of mind that Andrea’s rooted professional background within the industry will guarantee you a positive outcome and improved life quality. 

Born and raised in the Tampa Bay Area surrounded by massage therapy her entire life, it did not take long for Andrea to recognize that was the path she wanted to pursue professionally. Witnessing how powerful massage therapy was as boosting and restoring one’s life both mentally and physically using dynamic tactics inspired Andrea to enroll in the therapeutic massage program at Loraine’s Academy in St. Petersburg. Upon graduation, Andrea intertwined her rich knowledge gained along with her instilled upbringing and made it her mission to support as many people as possible through therapeutic massage. Fast forward to today, she has built a strong reputation for her client engagement skills and has supported countless people in achieving unparalleled mental, emotional, and physical healing results.

As an intuitive professional, Andrea takes pride in using her blissful therapeutic massage methods to give her clients spearheading, revitalizing outcomes, all while ensuring they have the most positive and tranquil experience along the way. Because to Andrea, being a massage therapist is more than just a career to her; this role embodies what she stands for as a person, which is to influence positive societal change by improving the wellness of those who comprise it. This, in coincidence with her inviting nature and accreditation for giving massages that she would want herself is what has positioned Andrea to become the powerhouse massage therapist she is today who will help you reach new levels of wellness prosperity.

Overall, Andrea loves what she does and is always advancing herself both personally and professionally to give her clients the opulent services they deserve. However, when she is not working or building client relationships, you can often find her traveling, cooking, gardening, working on her own health and wellness, and outside admiring the beautiful Florida weather.

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