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Why Does Your Back Crack?

If your back cracks a lot or you’re prone to cracking your joints, you’re not alone. According to a study published by Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, 25% to 45% of people report cracking their knuckles and other areas of the body as a regular habit. 

There’s a sense of relief that comes with cracking your back – many believe that hearing the sound provides satisfaction in that you released tension or pain that kept you from feeling comfortable and relaxed. 

Is Cracking Your Back Bad?

In general, cracking your back is considered a normal bodily function – you’re essentially getting rid of the gas bubbles that form between your joints. However, there could be other explanations for the constant cracking or popping, according to the Spine & Orthopedic Center. Deteriorated cartilage and muscle tightness can cause snapped ligaments and continuous rubbing between the bones and joints.

Some of the adverse side effects of manually cracking your back include:

  • Pinching nerves
  • Straining or tearing muscles
  • Stretching back ligaments
  • Injuring blood vessels

Finding back cracking techniques that are minimally harmful is essential to your overall health and wellness. Instead of cracking your back on a daily basis, keep it to a minimum and try strength-related stretches and exercises that focus on improving your posture and flexibility. 

If you feel the need to crack your back more often, it could signify an underlying condition. 

At this point, it’s best to seek medical attention from a trained professional who can figure out what’s going on and provide an effective treatment method. Medical attention is necessary if cracking your back has led to throbbing pain or locked joints.

See A Massage Therapist for Your Back Alignment Needs

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 If you’re worried about a consistent back cracking noise and want to get proper treatment, it’s time to consider massage therapy. At Reflections Therapeutic Massage, we can help you find lasting relief if you’re dealing with pain in the upper or lower back and well as the neck and shoulders. Our massage therapists use a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage to target the affected areas and provide stress and tension relief. 

Even if you don’t consider back cracking one of your consistent habits, you may have other issues arising that conclude the need for a back massage. For example, if you have any issues functioning on a day-to-day basis and find that your back pain is relentless, a massage is likely to help. If you continue to ignore the problem – even if it seems minimal – you may find yourself dealing with a more significant problem in the long run. 

Our massage therapists are highly skilled and qualified to provide the best massage techniques based on your pain points. With a variety of strokes and amount of pressure, we hope to get rid of the pain and stiffness and help you feel relaxed and relieved. Book your appointment today

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