Sinus Massage to Relieve Congestion




Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic illnesses in North America. This ailment is characterized by symptoms such as facial pain, facial pressure, ear ache and nasal congestion - and can be triggered by an allergy, cold or environmental factors. Sinusitis may be accompanied by headaches (referred to as sinus headaches), primarily due to pressure around the eyes and cheeks as a result of swollen or inflamed mucous membranes. Patients with sinusitis and sinus headaches may turn to massage therapy as an effective alternative to pharmaceutical treatments.



Sinus massage combines gentle pressure and warmth from the hands to break up the mucous that backs up in the sinus cavities. The natural drainage mechanism is stimulated to clear the passageways. Blood circulation increases to sustain better sinus function throughout the day. Congestion and pressure decrease so that the headache and pain associated with sinusitis disappears. Many sinus pain sufferers are surprised to find that relief is possible following the first massage. Sinus Massage in Clearwater and Headache Massage in Clearwater.



A picture of the sinuses reveals the extensive network of air-filled spaces that lie within the bone structures of the human face. When working properly, the sinuses protect the body from airborne germs, disease and pathogens that would bring infection into the lungs. Natural mucous is produced to protect the inner lining of each sinus cavity.

Common health problems exacerbate the sinus blockages:

  • Bacteria – Unhealthy levels of bacteria in the sinuses damage the lining of the noise and block the natural drainage channels.
  • Allergies – Particles in the air, such as pollen, pet dander and dust, irritate the nasal tissues and cause inflammation, which results in blockage in the drainage channels.
  • Nasal polyps – The presence of polyps in the nasal passages cause blockages that result in extensive sinus issues.

Problems in this delicate system lead to blocked sinuses that become painful without treatment. Traditional treatments have included drugs that dry out the sinuses instead of correcting the actual problem. Constant pain is the companion of people who succumb to daily battles to find the right combination of medications that will provide relief.

Facial sinus massage could provide relief without taking medications that cause drowsiness or other side effects. Techniques can be embraced to tailor the perfect massage routine for the individual. Hope inspires the sinusitis sufferer to embrace different approaches to massage that will become part of the daily routine.