Therapist Roselee

Roselee Licensed Masssage Therapist

Roselee’s experience with healthcare during childhood and as a young adult was, like most Americans, more medically and pharmaceutically oriented. However, in 2005 she sustained injuries from a major auto collision, causing chronic debilitating pain, anxiety and an overall spiraling decline in health.

Mother to two young children, and needing more than ever to be at her best physically made living in this way a scary realization. The familiar medical treatments would not address the injuries but only temporarily mask the symptoms while her health got worse, Compelled to find a way to get well, Roselee began to seek out “alternative” medicine options, and the success she experienced in her personal healing journey created a passion to understand why these methods worked, to find what else helps the body heal itself, and how to best incorporate this medicine into our lives. Roselee learned through personal experience that an energetic, healthy, joyful life is a holistic health care life. “Sometimes the hardest experiences can be a catalyst to the best life has to offer, you need to be determined, open to new ideas, do the work, not give up, and it’s yours.”


Graduated from Blue Cliff College in Mobile, AL,  National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork certified, AL state board licensed since 2008, FL state board licensed in 2022. Continued education from renowned teachers and mentors across the U.S. has included training in techniques like lymphatic massage and pediatric massage, energy work like Reiki, and guided meditation. Roselee also developed her own techniques like Swedish massage with an emphasis on myofascial release, deep tissue with hot stone therapy and therapeutic spa. Recently moved to Pinellas county, Roselee is thrilled to find such an embracing of holistic health care in the area, and excited to be a part of the team and the journey.

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