Nicole Licensed massage therapist

Nicole - Manager and Licensed Massage Therapist

Highly dedicated and client-driven, Nicole Doherty is a spearheading massage therapist whose underlying mission is to not only meet expectations, but exceed them every time. As a passionate Clearwater massage professional, Nicole has extensive expertise involving trigger point therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue practices, and Swedish massages and enjoys every moment in delivering her clients the unapparelled, fully customized therapeutic massage experiences they deserve. 

Born with a strong altruistic nature, Nicole discovered early on that she has a genuine admiration for massage therapy. She loved the rewarding concept of being able to improve someone’s quality of life using a pragmatic mixture of techniques and methods that restore both physical and emotional balance. This rooted passion, along with her strong work ethic, became the catalyst for Nicole to become the highly respected Clearwater massage therapist she is today. To date, Nicole graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2016 and has a monumental inventory of experiences working with various chiropractors and their patients and has supported countless athletes. 

Nicole has cultivated a firm name for herself throughout her career, but is most well-known for her profound intuitiveness for finding knots and her use of unique modalities to release them, proven to give her clients better movement and much less pain. In addition, she is accredited for her empathic personality and devotion to providing her clients a warm, welcoming, and relaxing experience the moment they walk through the door. Overall, Nicole is exceptionally skilled and trained to handle a wide range of challenges and has a concrete track record of opulently helping her clients feel like brand-new, revitalized people. 

In the end, nothing makes Nicole happier than being a rejuvenating, cornerstone resource for others to reach their fullest potential and feel their best. Whether she is working with athletes to remediate pain or performing  therapeutic massage, she has a true ardency for her career and illuminates that through her unparalleled services that leave lasting results long after the session is over. This, along with her keen ability to offer tailored solutions and reputation for putting her clients first, can give you the solidifying confidence that your massage therapy objectives are in the best, most qualified hands.

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