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Layla - Massage Therapist

I was created to be an intuitive, empathic, discerning Healer/Leader. I found my destiny encased in a world of healing arts. My whole life has been focused on taking care of and caring for those in compromising situations that need a helping hand.

 In 1998, I graduated from the Orlando Institute of Massage and became licensed and nationally certified. I worked in a variety of fields: chiropractic, chair, mobile massage and 5 star day dpa. In 2002, I opened an mobile massage business and was labeled “Masseuse to the stars,” due to Orlando being a top destination for the Entertainment Industry. 

in 2003, I was voted “top five massage therapists,” in Central Fla. by the CFHLA committee and kept the ranking until I relocated to AZ in 2007. I continued my practice and became a licensed Aesthetician in 2016. I went back to massage school in 2019-2020 to relearn some basics and became a licensed massage and bodywork therapist in 2020. 

My mission is to provide intuitive massage, skillful bodywork and premium aesthetic services. This will allow my clients to maintain/restore well-being, vitality, self-worth/confidence and healing of their total self. I live to honor my creator’s plan for my life. I listen to my client’s without judgement, uphold high standards in the Ethics/Law of my profession and always provide a customized, specific, Spirit-Lead treatment every time I lay my hands on someone. I live to be of service to others.

Above all to thine own self be true

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