Massage Therapist Jerrica

Jerrica - Licensed Massage Therapist

My name is Jerrica and I entered the massage world in 2011, working the front desk of a busy massage business. During this time, I got to experience massage therapy for regular body maintenance and for chronic pain after a major vehicle accident. After years of receiving the benefits of massage therapy, I went to school at Sun State Academy in 2016, so I could help others experience these benefits. 

As a massage therapist, I believe in customizing every massage to what the customer wants and needs. After listening to the client, the massage given would have any combination of swedish, deep tissue, sports, and myofascial release. This method allows for a relaxing therapeutic massage, aiding the client not just physically, but mentally as well. Getting to help people and see their journey to feeling better, is the best part about being a massage therapist.

To continue my path to help others through massage, I continue my education in massage therapy. I learn through massage courses, doing my own research, and getting massages from different therapists. There is always something to learn and I plan to keep learning and adapting in this field. 

While I encourage everyone to get a massage for their physical and mental health, it is important to have other ways to assist in your health. I like to relax at home by stretching, reading, and cuddling with three dogs. I love to go out line dancing and if I’m not on the dance floor, I can be found at the pool tables. 

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