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What Is the Best Massage for Back Pain?

If you’re dealing with back pain and you’ve done all of the stretching, relaxing, and icing you can, it may be time to seek professional back pain treatment. A licensed massage therapist can help you get rid of the discomfort and provide the ultimate session of relaxation that helps you forget about the back pain altogether.

Benefits of Back Pain Treatment

Back pain treatment via massage doesn’t only eliminate or reduce aching, it also comes with a variety of other benefits. Some of the positive advantages that comes with back massage include:

  • Releasing tension and tightness in the joints and muscles
  • Improving circulation throughout the body
  • Adjusting and aligning the back muscles
  • Fixing poor posture
  • Providing relief from headaches and migraine
  • Reducing feelings of mental stress, anxiety, and depression

Back pain treatment can have a major impact on your overall health and wellness, not just your back! Consider a back massage if you’re in need of a relaxation session or a simple body reset.

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Best Massage for Back Pain to Consider

If you’re ready to give back massage a chance but you’re not sure which type to try, consider the following:

  • Deep tissue massage or Swedish massage makes sense for someone who has severe aching pain in the muscles. If you don’t mind firm pressure across your back, neck and shoulders, consider a deep tissue massage, one of the best massages for upper back pain.
  • Sports massage is a great option for someone in need of an enhanced recovery process. This is a great option for relieving the tension in muscles while also promoting flexibility and relaxation.
  • General back massage is perfect for the individual who wants to reduce pain and soreness while seeking relaxation. This type of massage is ideal for someone who deals with chronic stress or regular muscle spasms, and can be great for lower back pain.
  • Trigger point therapy is helpful for someone dealing with targeted knots in their back, shoulders or neck. The therapist works to relax the fascia to promote flexibility and eliminate the knots.

Treat Back Pain at Reflections Therapeutic Massage

Searching for a back pain massage near me? At Reflections Therapeutic Massage, our experienced, trained therapists use specific massage techniques for back pain to ensure you walk out of our clinic feeling relaxed, refreshed, and fully-functioning again.

When you arrive for an appointment, your massage therapist will provide a quick consultation to get an idea of where the pain resides and how much pressure you prefer during your massage. Soon after, you’ll lie down on the massage table where they’ll use tailored massage techniques for back pain on your back, neck and shoulders to get rid of the pain and stiffness.

Ready to relax? Book your appointment for massage therapy in Clearwater today.

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